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  (Warehouse) storage-warehousing at Panvel, JNPT & Bhiwandi:  

  • SMG spacers Pvt. Ltd. provides warehouse/godown consultancy services - Realtors in and around Panvel, near JNPT, Kalamboli, on Goa Road, on Old Pune Road, Bhiwandi, Dapoda, Kalher, Purna, Ralhan and Anjur Phata villages.
    Advantages of Warehouse at Panvel & Bhiwandi:
  • Panvel & Bhiwandi is one of the convenient and cheapest solutions of warehousing activities also for storage of export & import cargo, as there is no octroi and cess applicable also it is a transport hub, because most of the transport companies are having their branch-offices and warehouses, which simplify the transport operations of the goods and material, which is the one of the prime requirement of good warehousing facilities. Area available up to 1000000 (Ten lakhs) sq.ft. and more. International standared warehouse, having height of 25 feet clear and 33 in centre, top quality constructions, less pillars and many more features.
  • The going on rates of warehouse is starting from Rs.4/- per sq. ft. To Rs.17/- per sq. ft. per month depend on the situation-location and conditions of the warehouse. (Rs.7/- to 11/-for RCC Warehouse).
  • The rates for outright purchase are between Rs.700/- to Rs.1500/- per sq. ft. and above (Rs.900/- to 1200/- for RCC warehouse).
    Our charges:
  • It is a two month warehousing compensations for the lease agreement and 2% on out right purchase deal.

    e-mail: smgspacers@gmail.com
    (Sorry the link is not provided for security rason. Please copy and past the email address)
    Tel: +91 9920060033 +91 9322689210

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